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Seacret Spa sexually accosts my mother

body-top-cornerOn a slightly more personal note, today, an employee of Seacret Spa decided that, presumably because we passed his booth twice over and did not listen to him the first time, he gained carte blanche to sexually accost my mother, making a crude remark about her breasts.

I’ve attached the note below, but here’s the short story: While both I and my mother were walking through Valley Hills Mall in Hickory, NC, we passed by a “Seacret Spa” booth- it’s a company that sells skin creams and other sorts of things. When we passed by a  third time, one of the employees, a man with long hair wearing a Seacret Spa smock, decided to walk up to my mother, stare directly at her breasts, and say, and I quote: “Oh my god, are those real?”

As you can imagine, both I and my entire family are livid that Seacret Spa would hire such a crude employee who would use such inappropriate methods to try to sell skin cream. As you can see from the letter I’ve attached after the jump, I’m demanding an apology from the company, as I feel that they are directly responsible for the actions of their employees while they are working for them.

Of course, I’m recommending that you entirely avoid Seacret Spa and their line. Speaking as the owner/lead author of Well Cultured, I highly recommend you do more research than buy from a mall booth- check out the phenomenal site Sephora if you’re looking for products that really do well- read the user reviews. You can do much better than letting a pervert smear salty lotion on your face in the middle of a mall.

Seacret Spa,

My name is Kirk Sigmon and I’m contacting you in regards to your Valley Hills Mall booth in Hickory, North Carolina. I found that one of your employees was incredibly rude to my mother, to which I have taken great offense, and, at minimum, I would like a formal apology for the actions of your crude staff.

Today, on August 26th, I was shopping with my mother at Valley Hills Mall, walking back and forth between numerous shops inside of the mall complex. During this time, we passed the booth for your Seacret Spa approximately 3 times. The first two times, we simply (and very politely) declined your employee’s accosting attempts at selling your product.

The third time we passed, however, one of your employees (a long haired man spinning a hat) decided to accost my mother by walking in front of both of us, looking directly at my mother’s chest and asking her, and I quote, “Oh my god, are those real?”. Naturally, my mother was absolutely outraged- and if it was not for the fact that I was there, she would have slapped the man for his affronting comment.

My mother is not easily offended- she used to be a narcotics officer in the Hickory area, and she has had her full experience of sexual harassment in that line of work. However, for your employee- wearing your uniform and selling your product- to sexually tease my mother of nearly 50 years is entirely inappropriate. Thankfully, we were able to get a Valley Hills security staffer to help- however, the employee seemed nonplussed, and he is continuing to represent you. From our discussion with the staffer himself, it is clear this is not the first time these employees have done something of this nature.

Please be aware that I will be doing everything in my power to dissuade my friends, family, and anyone I can from purchasing your product. If this is the kind of employee that your company regularly hires, then I sincerely worry for your company.

Kirk Sigmon

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24 Responses to “Seacret Spa sexually accosts my mother”

  1. Karen says:

    I agree.. these people are perverts… And they cheat you also

  2. Mik says:

    SeacretSpa has a very aggressive sales approach. The salesman I dealt with was very flirty and called me “Mommy” even though I was only 5 years older than he. SeacretSpa is an Israeli company. I was actually perusing the web tonight to see if their name came up in any fraud investigations or other dubious business dealings. The salesman’s conversation casually went to the political side where he stressed that he was upset that McCain did not win the election because McCain would protect Israel against Iran.

  3. Ellie says:

    I have been looking on the Internet to see if this has happened to anyone else. I am in Australia. A male seller tried to call me over with “Hey beautiful lady” and I ignored him. Then I passed by again and he said “If you dont want to come and see at least take this brochure”. He held out a brochure, I felt a bit pressured so I thought, what the heck, I will just take it. But when I took the brochure, he was holding it in such a way that he was able to grab my hand and pull me over to the stall and he started to buff my nail before I could say anything. He was a charismatic man, making eye contact with me in a lewd way. I felt so upset and pressured to stand there. I just froze and let him get on with it and then made excuses so I could leave. But it took a while to make him let go of my hand. I felt so trapped. Because the whole thing took me by surprise I didnt have the strength or wits to slap him or yell. I felt violated, like my power had been taken away. I should have been more protective of myself. Why do women have to put up with these things, I am 30 years old, an attractive woman, mother of 3 on my way to buy the weekly groceries. How disgusting to be treated this way. I felt so scared that I cried after it happened.

  4. Ashley says:

    I work in a mall in a kiosk next to a Seacret Spa. The men that work there are nice to me, as I work next to them, but from observing how they treat other shoppers is ridiculous! They’re basically harassing people to buy their product and force them to stand there while they give manicures. The women are quite humorous to watch sell! They are constantly all over guys (many are married!) and getting inappropriately close and touchy-feely just to get them to buy the product! It’s absolutely disgusting how this company runs. And I feel horrible for the shoppers who get conned into buying this stuff because they sell the stuff at random prices all the time as there’s no price on the box. Don’t get tricked into buying this crap, the company & employees are horrible!!

  5. Maura says:

    Run away from these obnoxious, overly aggressive sales people. This company should be ashamed of their sales tactics. I concur with the other comments. Avoid these kiosks.

  6. nk says:

    The product is crap and CUSTOMER service is NONEXISTENT after the sale – I tried unsuccessfully to return defective merchandise at the mall and then contacted the corporate office. No response!! They could care less – they already had my money.

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  8. LauraCope says:

    like the others, i come to your blog from internet searches to see if anyone else had the same experience with Seacret Spa that i did.

    the salesman literally pushed me onto a chair for a demonstration — we hadn’t even made eye contact as i briskly walked by, and suddenly there he was pulling me by my arm to slather some crap on my face that i assured him i couldn’t afford.

    the best part? “you need this,” he said. “you look old.” i’m 25.

    eff you, Seacret Spa.

  9. Anne says:

    I, too, had an alarming experience with these sleaze-balls. A male employee started shouting at me to come talk to him and then ran right up to me and said “you need this for the bags and puffiness under your eyes”!!! When I told him I didn’t want to talk to him, he said something like “you need to hear this! I can help you!” I was almost running to the department store ahead of me to get rid of him and honestly felt trapped there since the only way I could return to the area of the mall where I needed to go was to go upstairs in that department store and then go back by via the upper level. Mayfair Mall should get rid of them ASAP. They are harassing their patrons!

  10. saclady says:

    I had a very similar experience to those described above & found this site trying to find more info about this company.

    My downfall was giving the guy my credit card which he refused to return to me until he had worn down my defenses & agreed to make a purchase. I felt numb & brain washed when I left, even going into the local Godiva chocolate store to buy him chocolate because he liked it!!! (I didn’t give it to him but enjoyed it myself) Further research on the internet suggests these are Israeli Mossad operatives, which would explain, at least to me, the effectiveness of the high-pressure sales pitch & agreement of insulted, trapped customers who made purchases against their will. I also saw that some people have been successful with returns if they take mall security with them. I’m going to do that this weekend & will return with an update.

  11. so what they can look but not touch grow up lady .its the real world out there like ur the only one that it happen to .they call it a “complement” if you know what that is??? maybe he thinks she looks better then you dont get mad that ur moma gets more then you hahahahahaha

  12. saclady says:

    I was able to get a full refund by filing a complaint with the leasing manager of the mall. He has a “no tolerance” policy for this type of behavior. The smooth-talking swindler saleman was fired.

    All of this transpired at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, Ca.

  13. john says:

    I also had a bad experience with the kiosk at the Arden Fair mall in Sacramento, CA. I was with my mother, and as we walked by, managed to get past them, my mom was not as successful. I felt trapped and obligated to stay to protect her but by the end of the ordeal, we had spent way more than seems reasonable, and I don’t even know if it works. I am not even going to fight them, just take the loss, but you should be aware. As a result, I will no longer be shopping at that mall, and will avoid any seacret spa kiosk like the plague.

  14. Armi Pagan says:

    unless you were physically harmed or touched you all need to get over yourselves, regardless of their sales tactics and methods to sell their products, their just doing their jobs. Just keep walking by, 10 times if you have to while at the mall, don’t let it affect your day if you aren’t interested in getting to know what they are trying to push onto you. Smile say no thanks! and keep on walking. or as Dory sais “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

    have a blessed day everyone.

    -Armi Pagan

  15. AF says:

    Thank you for this posting and all the comments; it’s the only thing that has helped me calm down about my disturbing experience at the Coronado Mall in Albuquerque. It was as though I was hypnotized, cast under a spell that began with the hand grab-sea salt in palm trick, and ending up buying $512 worth of products from the Secret Spa kiosk. I washed my face and went to bed that night, only to wake with one eye (the one Hadar worked on) swollen shut and one nail (the one he buffed)bleeding at the cuticle. This evening, I tried to return the unopened shrink-wrapped products (everything but the nail kit) and was told that nothing was returnable as per the line on the bottom of the receipt (of course you don’t see the receipt until you have already paid). When I told the woman manager that Hadar told me that it was returnable if was unhappy, she said “Did I tell you that?” I told her I didn’t see a sign indicating the return policy and she showed me a sign on the end of the kiosk, the side that no customer ever sees. When I complained about the high pressure sales tactics, she told told me I was a smart woman and I shouldn’t have bought the products if I didn’t want them. This was the same woman who sold me a product to fade my age spots and another to reduce my eye bags, somehow making me want the products even as she was making me feel bad about myself. Clearly I wasn’t getting anywhere. AT that point, I told the women that I was leaving the products with her and I would reverse the charges with my credit card company. When I asked what the nail kit cost, so I would delete that from my credit, she said $50. I was quoted $25 when I bought it. They make up prices like a third world bazaar. I am going to file a formal complaint with the mall, a complaint with the BBB, a complaint with the FTC, and I’m going to reverse charges with my credit card company.

  16. Denise says:

    These people are operating in Australia too, in the Queensplaza and Myer malls in Brisbane. Completely sleazy and really aggressive. The salesman talked down to me like I was an idiot and didn’t know anything about cosmetics I’ve actually sold cosmetics in the past and I know what I’m talking about, whereas this guy didn’t.

    I was interested to find out about a product I hadn’t seen before, which is why I stopped. Big mistake! This guy talked the whole time, asked questions but didn’t wait for an answer or cut me off half way through, called me “darling” (I am 53, he was early 20s), and worst of all, leaned over me and held his hands on the sides of the booth so there was no way I could escape without physically pushing him aside.

    To force an end to the non stop sales pitch, I asked the price of one product and was told $400. When I said no, he came up with a series of special offers with ever-reducing prices. When I still said no, he said he would ring his supervisor to get an even better deal and moved away. At that point, I was able to stand up and get out without having to physically touch him.

    Don’t go anywhere near these guys!

  17. JWNZ says:

    I was approached by a very nice looking musician cum salesman at a mall in South Australia. In all fairness I thought the young man was a good albeit forceful/persuasive salesman. I started out by telling him I wasn’t going to buy anything unless it helped the wrinkles under my eyes. He proceeded to apply a product to my right under eye area and asked me to wait 5 minutes. We chatted about general things and he tried to sell me some more products demonstrating another on my hand. At the end of 5 min I could see the difference in the 2 eyes and I decided to buy the product along with a mask which I had also noticed had worked nicely. I agree that he was a “good salesman” but I was happy with the products and didn’t feel overly pressurised. These things are expensive but he gave me 50% off on my second product and I didn’t feel that he exploited me at all. However, I do find the comments posted above quite alarming and this has put me off buying more from Seacret.

  18. Axel says:

    This company is a front for a Mossad Israeli intelligence operation. Most of the employees are young Israelis. You may note some of them have distinct accents. They are often here working to make their time and commitments to the Israeli military. Next time you encounter one who gets aggressive ask them if this is how the IDF trains their foreign agents. Watch their reaction. It’s priceless.

  19. SuKathy says:

    Yesterday was my birthday, and I was completely ripped off by them! It all started with getting some good hand products for my husband because he has very dry hands. I ended up paying over $300 for their products. I am not even going into detail about how this happened since many of you have already put enough words toward that. One thing I do want to mention here is that I was able to get ahold of my credit card company (Citi) and told them about the two different kinds of receipts Seacret Spa gave us. There is a date and time on it showing that the “NO REFUND” receipt was not given to the customer until after the customer signed the authorization of transaction receipt. I don’t care if the company is from Israel or elsewhere, they have to obey our consumer laws if they want to practice business on U.S. land. My credit card company removed their pending charge immediately and told me to go ahead and return the products. They said when the charge comes thorough; it will have to be authorized, meaning Citi will not send money over to Seascret Spa. However, I will take my husband and the mall security to the Seacret Spa cart, and he can record me returning the product as evidence in case it’s needed for future dispute. I will also file a complaint with my local attorney general and BBB. This type of business practicing should not be allowed in the U.S.

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  21. LT. says:

    I live in the West Side of Los Angeles, and I have had several rather intense encounters at the Seacret Spa kiosk at Westfield Century City. I find the employees to be extremely aggressive in their tactics– not in an assaulting way, but in a way that is deceitful and uses trickery and flattery to suck you in. The first time, I was approached by a guy who asked me if I could “answer one question” for him. Being the innocent and gullible 22 year old girl that I was (this was only less than a year ago, when I first moved to LA from Canada. Imagine how quickly I’ve learned my lesson?) I stopped and said “sure, how can I help?” He proceeded to grab me in by the hand and start slathering lotion on me, which I really didn’t need at the moment. I am the Queen of lotions and potions and all things cosmetic, and I don’t need a guy at a kiosk to con me into overpaying for more. But of course I’m too damn nice to tell him goodbye or to walk away. Whenever I tried, he would say :”but why don’t you want it? Why, is it too expensive? Why, is the money an issue? Why would you need to buy something somewhere else?” To be honest…I was on my way to Sephora and I really didn’t want to be bothered by this guy. Then tonight, I was conned into it again! This time by a reallly cute blue eyed guy, with some kind of british sounding accent, but who was from Israel (from what I know, all of the employees are). He told me “hey beautiful I have a present for you” and started to spoil me with the whole spa treatment thing. He was extremely sweet and flirtatious, and for me going shopping at the end of two horrible, crappy, heartbroken, stressful days, I was extremely vulnerable. So I got suckered in. He REALLY buttered me up. Called me beautiful a million times, looked in my eyes and said all kinds of stuff…..(meanwhile I had a suspicion the guy was gay so I was convinced it was strictly an act) When I agreed to buy the nail kit, he almost practically insisted I buy three other products for my face! I told him no, there was no way I was going to pay 250 for a bottle of lotion I know NOTHING about and have heard NO unbiased reviews about. He refused to let me say no! He tried every possible switch up and change up and “freebie” combination he could, until finally I agreed to settle on one plan. I STRONGLY ADVISE anyone (especially you females) to avoid eye contact with the people at these kiosks and JUST SAY NO. Just keep walking. No matter how hard you try to get out of it, they won’t let you! Just leave while you’re ahead of the game!!!!

  22. TMac says:

    I think it is interesting how someone can blame an entire company for a single person’s actions. Is it fair to blame the entire company for the incident, or is it more reasonable to look into that particular branch that hired the inappropriate employee? Don’t you think it is a little unfair to label everyone who works at a Seacret kiosks this way? I mean, I bet if it was a woman working there telling you that you were beautiful you wouldn’t think of her as a pervert. However, due to the fact it was a man, it applied. I am a feminist and believe in gender equality, but by labeling this company and all of its employees (male or female) as “sexual offenders” we’re stripping them of the same equality we have been fighting for ourselves (I prefer to not be a hypocrite myself). They are trying to make a living just like the rest of us. I’m not saying the methods or actions by some of the individuals are called for or by any means appropriate, but they are paid on commission so DUH they really want to sell you something. And ladies, here’s a thought, they can’t flirt with you if you don’t let them. Unless they were physically holding you, and keeping you at the kiosk, you had the ability to WALK AWAY. Let us be honest, it is your own inability to hold your ground as a strong independent woman that keeps you at those booths if you don’t want to be there. Don’t solely blame them for being “flirty” or “charismatic” or “looking at you in a lewd way” when you were the one that LET THEM. Yes, we shouldn’t be treated in these ways, BUT it is up to us to stand up for ourselves. If we stereotype all Seacret employees as sexist how is that any different than labeling ALL lawyers and politicians as liars? All feminists as extreme? All skin colors but our own as unequal? Before you pass judgments think of the message you’re sending, because even though you may be expressing your opinion you may be missing the bigger picture.

  23. Elise says:

    I just had an experience with Seacret Spa staff for the FOURTH time at Oak Park Mall in Kansas. The first young man claimed it was HIS company and that he believed in the product so much that he had brought it over with him, which was absolute phony bullshit that my mother unfortunately bought into. Without being outright rude, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and she purchased a nail package. The second time, we were literally chased through the mall by a second young man claiming the same thing. Today the third and fourth happened. The third, we were trying to get past it without eye contact, and this guy ran up to my mother, grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the booth singing praises of their products which we were saying, “did not work!” But he refused to listen to us, and my mother is way too nice to say no. He did the whole routine, and I have cuts on my hands from my cat and said I DID NOT WANT the salt treatment, yet he insisted on putting it on me. My hands stung for hours afterwards, but he refused to listen. My mother tried to keep her hands from him while trying to say we had to leave, and he even went as far as nearly touching her breasts to get hold of them in an effort to sell us a nail kit. Finally, by the end when we had said no, no, NO! he finally said would you come back to me and tell me your answer in an hour, and I flatly said, we’ll come back and tell you no. That finally seemed to make him give up. Oh, the fourth, right. So we went upstairs and there was ANOTHER Seacret Spa cart on the next level! We thought we’d avoided him on the way back to the parking lot. Not so! A young woman literally CHASED US DOWN even though I said WE JUST WENT THROUGH THIS, NO THANK YOU and attempted to grab my mother’s hands with a nail buffer in hers. She then touched my mother’s hair unsolicited and said, “your hair is so lovely! You are so sexy!” AS WE WERE WALKING. I’m sorry, aggressive sales tactics are one thing, but sexual harassment (look it up – invading personal space is DEFINITELY classed as sexual harassment) is something entirely different. Personal space is something that nobody should feel warranted to invade just for the sake of a sale. I don’t understand how they are allowed to continue on with the methods their employees are clearly taught across the globe.

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