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David Thorne angers “future Yacht owner” Simon Edhouse

Disclaimer: There is decent evidence out there that Simon Edhouse may have never sent the aforementioned e-mails, and it may be a complete parody. The humor is great, but it may be a pretty low blow to Mr. Edhouse. I’m not getting on either side of this, but you’ve been warned.

This might not be for the easily offended, but it’s absolutely hilarious. David Thorne, a very well known Internet prankster incredibly famous for offering to pay his bank with a picture of a spider recently posted an e-mail transcript between himself and what is presumably a former client, graph_for_simon_edhouse2Simon Edhouse, who demanded that Thorne design him a logo and selection of pie charts for a website. Thorne, irate that he didn’t get paid by Edhouse on a previous job, decided to just make fun of him with a series of offensive pie charts and logos. Obviously, Edhouse gets angry. The hilarity to a lot of this is that Edhouse keeps ranting how his new “business scheme” involving “peer to peer networking” and the ability to “add contacts” will get him a yacht.

Half the reason I’m posting this is most people don’t realize how absolutely realistic things like this get. I can’t name the amount of people who have called me with new get-rich-quick schemes involving copying off Twitter/Facebook and expecting me to work for free. Not to mention the ones who are stiffing me over $200 and hiding in Virginia (Eric Fulks) or those who perpetually call my cell phone swearing because I turn them in for not paying (Zaki Salehi).

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  1. Mundwana says:

    It’s about to get re-activated. The Age (paper in Melbourne) has published an article on the spat between Thorne and Edhouse. Edhouse sounds ridiculous, and I’m assuming the story is at least partly true. Standby for the comments: googling Edhouse brings this site up!

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