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No Suprise Here: Unvaccinated kids spread disease

It seems ridiculous to have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway: Vaccinations are an incredibly important safety mechanism, both on the individual level and on the social level, and ridiculous “vaccinations will kill you” beliefs only serve to make paranoid people look stupid and to seriously endanger the vulnerable parts of society.

As blatantly obvious as the above statement is, there is still a growing percentage of the population hinging on Andrew Wakefield‘s utterly fraudulent medical paper that claimed that there was a connection between vaccinations and autism. Seth Mnookin recently wrote a phenomenal article talking about a rather serious pertussis (whooping cough) breakout in an “alternative” private school in Floyd County, where every single child who was infected with pertussis — twenty-three out of forty-five students — was unvaccinated. Naturally, this breakout required the school shut down and essentially forced every parent of the school’s students into a panic. Ultimately, because the alternative school granted many families exceptions to mandatory vaccination laws (allegedly for “religious reasons”), the whole school was put in serious danger.

The scary thing about this whole Wakefield-inspired vaccination paranoia crap is that it seriously puts society in danger. By lowering the percentage of the population that is vaccinated, deluded parents encourage serious, life-threatening diseases to spread more rapidly and more efficiently. Even on a more focused level, these deluded parents put their own children at risk for life-threatening diseases based upon knee-jerk misunderstandings of medicine and science, endangering their children due to the unfounded allegations of a select few. It’s pretty much borderline child abuse.

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